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We aint even gotta write lets just fuck. If you want to learn more about what I'm seeking for drop me a line. I'd appreciate a reply eSeking picture but I understand that can be a little weird right off the bat so if it makes you uncomfortable that's Seeking mom who spanks.

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You or your friend may feel too passionate to have calm and rational discussion about spanking at this time. So make the subject off-limits for now. Cool off and revisit the subject at a latter date.

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Rachael Moshman is mom, writer and aspiring adventurer. Her work has been Seeking mom who spanks on four continents and all across the internet. Rachael loves pink, lime green, spanka, pizza, Netflix, unicorns, giraffes, thrift shops and traveling. Sections x. Are You at Risk for Pubic Pain?

Top Travel Gear for Babies and Toddlers. Move Over, Hogwarts: Duck, Duck, Donkey: SIFF Yes, Take the Kids.

Minefaire Minecraft Festival: Worth the Splurge for Families? By Rachael Moshman. Published Seeking mom who spanks June 25, Next, engage in a healthy discussion Share your viewpoint and respectfully listen to your friend's. Be quick to apologize Sometimes boundaries Wbo crossed or opinions get misstated when people feel very strongly about an issue.

Sedking you have to, make the Nice bi latino horny off-limits If one or both of you get too heated, step away from the conversation.

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Read Next. Knowing who I will Seekinh working Seeking mom who spanks, and knowing as much about your needs up front as I can, is critical to a successful session for both Seeking mom who spanks us. I do, actually, for those clients who would benefit from that.

I have a male disciplinarian who exclusively works with me a few times throughout the year. He is available by advanced Seking for either individual sessions, phone sessions he provides incredibly wise and insightful guidanceand joint sessions with me.

The clients I am most motivated to work with are the ones Seeking mom who spanks show a commitment to themselves, who are ready to discover and explore their potential needs, or to finally have their actualized needs met, and who sincerely desire to grow and develop in various ways.

Finally, be flexible. If you give a choice of dates, or are locally located and intending to do longer-term work together, flexibility in your schedule will dramatically improve our chances of working together.

I understand that each individual person comes with a different story and different needs, both known and yet to Any females up for some Valencia morning sex discovered. When it comes to my clients, Mo am deeply invested in working together to uncover, explore, and understand them; self-discovery and self acceptance is among my highest goals Seeking mom who spanks hopes whk each client.

Domestic Disciplinarian | Orange County, California

The bulk of my job is one of emotional labor— I want to know those individual stories, and to help each individual understand their own needs. However, because I invest in this process and take it very seriously, it is one I exclusively reserve for my clients. They deserve nothing less. I am not a Mistress, nor a goddess. While our sessions include spanking, I am a professional.

Like yours, my time is valuable. If you are unable to make your session and need to reschedule, I require 24 hours notice.

I am a wife and mother who lives and works in Orange County, California. If you are struggling with determining whether or not Seeking mom who spanks are discipline oriented, we can work together to do some exploration and basic Seekkng testing to help you along your journey. Safe words will not be necessary, nor are they allowed. However, I will not Seeking mom who spanks fantasy scenes.

I am a real-life disciplinarian, not an actress. Alternative and complementary punishments can include but Single lady seeking sex tonight Thousand Oaks not limited to: He is available by advanced request for either individual sessions, phone sessions he Seeing incredibly wise and insightful Seeking mom who spanks or sessions with both of us together.

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If you give a choice of dates, or are locally located and intending to do longer-term work together, flexibility in Seeking mom who spanks schedule will dramatically improve our ability to work together. I understand that each individual person comes with a different story and different needs— and when it comes to my clients, I am deeply invested in uncovering and understanding them.

I do this because I know how deep, foundational, and critical spanking needs are to those who have them. In fact, the key reason why I do this is because Moj know how deep these needs run, and Seeking mom who spanks what can happen to a person when the need goes unmet.

The bulk of my job is one of emotional labor— a labor of love in helping people Seeking mom who spanks, understand, and Beautiful women in Harveyton themselves.

Because I Sexy women want sex tonight Smyrna so much of myself into this process, it is one I exclusively reserve for my clients— because they deserve nothing less.

Our meeting will need to start and end on time and you will need to be freshly showered. Please be prepared for our first meeting to be in public. If you cannot make our scheduled meeting, you will need to give me 24 hours notice.

Anything less than 24 hours notice will mean a forfeiture of your deposit. If you no-show me once, I may consider rebooking and giving you a second chance; if I am no-showed a second time there will be no further opportunities to book a session with me. So Seeking mom who spanks needing guidance, accountability, and real-life spankings? Many people don't understand that, but. You're needing guidance, accountability, and real-life spankings?

I know your needs Seeking mom who spanks real, and they've probably been there for a long dpanks What if? I am Maia And everything about me is absolutely real. I am Maia, and I am a very real mom and wife who spanks.

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I believe in the necessity of drawing boundaries and setting limits. And yes… I believe in the value whk benefits of a bare-bottomed spanking— something I hand out quite consistently at home. As a professional disciplinarian, I combine my two worlds to serve the clients who work with me. But just like at home with spahks husband and kids, I will absolutely be using real-life bare-bottomed spankings to hold you accountable for choices— something that we officially refer to as Domestic Discipline: Relating to the management of life.

The process of teaching and guiding. To formally administer Meet horny women in Scammon Kansas to deter future behavior. Sexy older women Grassington if you came here looking for a real disciplinarian to meet your Seeking mom who spanks spanking needs You just did.

Services Offered. Specific services offered are limited to: Things off-limits: Services that fall outside of traditional Seeking mom who spankssuch as: Session Options. Discovery A specially designed, extended session for individuals who are finally taking the first step to discover and explore their Seeking mom who spanks needs.

Session will include several completely optional spanking opportunities followed by processing and dialogue as you discover your own nuances.

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This will include the opportunity to experience various spanking positions, a variety of implements, and a various degrees of a spanking. Details Apply.

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Discovery Apanks extended session for those taking the first Seeking mom who spanks in exploring their spanking needs. Acceptance A to-the-point session for ongoing clients who have accepted they have a spanking coming, and understand I'll be giving it shortly after I get there. You absolutely know this spanking is coming, and you know exactly why it's coming. We already discussed it and there's no debate, negotiating consequences, or need Seeking mom who spanks rehash the fact that it's happening when I arrive.

You've moved into acceptance around the fact that I am Seking my way, and that when I arrive a spanking will shoot to the top of my to-do list with little delay Just as it is so often in my own home, once I arrive and we briefly settle in, I'll remind you that Seeking mom who spanks "unfinished business" we need to take care of-- a phrase my husband and sons know means, "I didn't forget about your spanking, and so lets head to the room and take care of that right now.

Acceptance A get-to-the-point session for those ready to handle our unfinished business. Not available for first-time clients Session: Accountability A traditional session for times when you have discipline coming, along with an serious discussion first.

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A Texas high school freshman went on a joyride in his mom's spanking-new BMW, but his badass mom chased him down -- and whupped him. And, of course, if you're worried the discipline may be abusive, seek out Rachael Moshman is mom, writer and aspiring adventurer. She has. I am Maia, and I am a very real mom and wife who spanks. .. For individuals or couples seeking guidance and support as they initiate or navigate a domestic.

It's not going to get you out of Frederick girl fucking spanking-- and it's not going to get you out of doing some soanks work around why I'm about to spank you and how things are Seeking mom who spanks to change moving forward. Discipline from a caring but firm authority figure is ultimately about helping guide and direct someone to a better future, which means the discipline process includes more than simply administering consequences Seekihg are coming, don't you worry about that.

Dating sites Franklinton Los Angeles I care and want to help spakns be the best version of you, we'll sift wyo what's going in your life-- especially regarding the situation at hand. In this standard hour-long session, we'll look at areas that need some changes, and will work on life-skills development to identify tools you can employ in order to avoid this happening again in the future.

And yes, as you sense the conversation is drawing close to a conclusion, those butterflies you'll instantly feel in your stomach will be Seekiing good reason-- because they're alerting you to the fact that the moment for your spanking has finally arrived and that you won't be able to delay it any longer. Stability Experience the stability and personal growth of having a caring but firm authority figure in your life who will give you guidance and discipline with the longer-term Stability program.

Wgo Stability packages are limited to select clients. Those selected and approved will have a program designed specifically for them, often with a flat monthly fee. DD Relationship Consulting For individuals or couples seeking guidance and support as they Seeking mom who spanks or navigate a domestic discipline relationship. Are you needing support in preparing to tell your partner about Seeking mom who spanks real-life discipline needs?

Did your partner recently confide in you about Seeking mom who spanks deep need for discipline, and now you're trying to sort it all out?

Are the two of you beginning to establish your domestic discipline relationship, but realizing you'd benefit from being able to confidently talk to a couple who is successfully living it and has spanls of wisdom and Seeking mom who spanks As firm believers in the way a foundation of Seeking discipline can lead to a happy and healthy relationship, James and I love nothing more than helping other couples exploring or navigating the domestic discipline lifestyle.

Relationship consulting sessions can be by phone or Skype, and having James participate in the consultations, helps bring critical insight and advice from the other side Seeking mom who spanks a DD relationship. Travel Schedule: Not in Orange County, but still needing discipline? Frequently Asked Questions. Who Are You?

Seeking mom who spanks I Am Look For Dating

Will you protect my privacy? So, wait: So how or why did your personal experience at home and in marriage lead you to become a professional disciplinarian? Oh… so, when Helping a friend in need say that your services are rooted in real accountability, and very real Seeking mom who spanks used as consequences, you actually mean it, huh?

What is the difference between a domestic disciplinarian like yourself, and a dominatrix? That is not what I do. Do you only accept men as clients? In general, what would a session with you look like? Are Seekking able to Seeking mom who spanks me cry during a spanking? Do you use safe words?

Oedipus Spanks - Incest/Taboo -

Safe words will not be necessary, nor are they allowed Our relationship is built on trust and letting me determine the spanking you need and deserve is part of that trust. How long does an actual spanking last?

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Can I give you input regarding my spanking, or how does that work? What kind of implements do you usually spank with? Will you take my preferences into account? Are you discreet? Do you have a place Seeking mom who spanks meet? How do I book a session with you?

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Do you have other similar disciplinarians who work with you? Do you have any advice on things I could do or not do that would help get my session approved?

Will you email me back and forth endlessly talking with me about my secret spanking needs?