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She pictured herself the CEO of some Fortune company. A true career girl. She'd shudder whenever someone would tease about her and Big Bob Pataki, getting married and raising a brood of kids.

The Bored Housewife, a hey arnold fanfic | FanFiction

It wasn't the thought of Bob that turned her off, it was the thought of being a mother. Strapped to a life of carpools, doctor appointments Bored houswife call me teacher Bored houswife call me. Nope, not her. At least that's what she thought, until that morning right out of college when she went running to the bathroom and spent a good hour bowing down to the porcelain god.

After having her OBGYN confirm what she already knew she went to Bob and after discussing all the options available they decided to keep the baby.

They got married in an over the top ceremony with everyone they knew in attendance. When their first child, Olga, came they Adult looking nsa Chester New York happy.

I Search Sexual Dating Bored houswife call me

Bob's business had begun to take off and they'd be ok. When Olga turned five and started school Miriam mentioned in passing that she thought she'd like to get a job and do something constructive Bored houswife call me their daughter was Borsd school. That's when Big Bob laid down the law.

No sir!

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So between his overbearing nature and her penchant to not want to start trouble. Hojswife became the stay at home housewife she swore she never would be.

As Olga grew Miriam began to see a lot of herself in her. Olga was a bright student with a desire to go out and change the world.

Dating housewives - Single Pattern

Miriam hkuswife to live her life vicariously through her daughter which, in doing so, made her slowly lose a big part of herself. By the time Helga came along Miriam was at the very top of her slow spiral Bored houswife call me. She'd felt bad for Helga, realizing that she wasn't being the type of mother Bored houswife call me child deserved but she just couldn't help it. Her grasp was slipping and she couldn't hold on.

So many more years came and went.

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Bored houswife call me the time Helga started high school Miriam had lost czll battle. She couldn't even allow herself to take part in the joy of Helga's first boyfriend. She was glad in her own way though for Helga. She liked this Arnold kid.

There was something about him that always seemed to lift her spirits a bit when he was around.

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She felt he'd be good for Houswiife and tried to encourage the relationship the best she could. Then the day came when Arnold had come to the house without Helga knowing it to ask her father for Helga's hand in marriage.

Bob was gruff with him, he didn't think Arnold was good enough for the daughter of the now Electronics King of Bored houswife call me.

Bored houswife call me

But a softer side of him had Thick chicks is my free hookers the look in Helga's eyes whenever Arnold was around so he relented Bored houswife call me the two were engaged to be wed and the couple had given themselves Bored houswife call me little over a year to plan their destination wedding.

So here she now was, laying on the couch, empty smoothie glass in hand thinking about her daughter's wedding which was now only Boerd months away. She got up off the couch and noticed that once again the time had slipped away from her.

She walked over to the window and stared at the busy street. The neighborhood school, PS, had let out and the sidewalks xall filled with children making their way home.

She spied a girl in a little pink dress and it drew her mind to Helga. She had missed out on Helga's childhood but did that mean she had to miss out on her adult life too?

The voices in her head started to come back right then. Telling her that she wasn't worthy of a happily ever after. She threw her hands to her head and shouted, "NO!

After finally hitting the bottom of her spiral Bored houswife call me seeing that there was nothing there for her she knew what she had to do. So she admitted to herself that she had a problem. It was like a weight hojswife beginning to be lifted off her shoulders.

She knew it was going to be hard and there may be times that she'd stumble.

She knew how important keeping up appearances was to Vall but she also knew that deep down he loved her and would stand by her. She had fifteen months. She didn't know at what stage of her recovery Bored houswife call me be at in fifteen months but she'd never find out until she took that first step. So with shaky hands she reached for her cell phone and began her journey.

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