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  • The wonders of Android development

    Tags: android, java, bugs

    Recently I've been doing some Android development. I remember that in the Dark Ages of Android 1.1 (TM) there were many annoying things, but I survived that somehow and forgot about them. This … more

  • Data export tools for .NET

    Tags: data export, .net, pdf, docx, xlsx, csv

    There are many times that one needs to export some data out of .NET world. I'm not talking about exporting data to JSON or XML, because probably noone would know what to do with it, if she/he is not … more

  • 3 essential tools/apps for devs or IT

    Tags: tools

    Note: this is my first blog post ever, so please don't be too hard on me if I write something stupid. Here's my list of 3 favorite tools or apps for every IT guy or developer, regardless of … more